A light being or higher dimensional being is who you are and so too shall you return when this Earthly body ceases to produce oxygen and pump your heart. Your higher dimensional self is larger in scope than you can imagine because your human mind cannot truly fathom existence in its entirety nor imagine and contemplate things as large and encompassing as cosmic nature.

In the off-chance that you experience a cosmic moment of clarity, it is because you have overcome your station and momentarily merged with Truth, your cosmic self: a moment of Divine clarity and the second you seek to quantify and qualify your experience, you remove yourself from the whole and your clarity is lost — you return to the one pointed focus of physicality and the gifts of the universe are once again lost. You cannot experience the vastness of cosmic consciousness if you are singly pointed, focused on being human, on maintaining a physical form and experiencing in a 3rd dimension. You must release your physical experience to experience the vastness of who you truly are as that is the human curse or the 3rd dimensional rule of duality.

To release your physical self is not to die but to focus your awareness on a different experience. If and when you choose to be physical, you simply direct your focus into physical form and so it shall be. The more you hone your ability to focus in all states: sleeping, waking, dreaming, meditating; the more you bring all of your awareness and direct it fully to each particular moment, the more the universe bends to your will as creator and the more accessible totality becomes.

Who you truly are never rests because it never needs to: tired is an illusion of the physicality of the 3rd dimension. When your body sleeps you move more fully into the non-physical and become more of who you truly are and continue your dance on the ethers.

Death is an illusion, death is an experience of transition from the physical third dimension and this transition releases your energy into higher dimensional spaces. Pain does not exist outside of the physical reality which is limited to 3D. Fear does not exist outside of the physical reality of 3D and that is why your 3rd dimensional self is so consumed by fearful and painful experiences: you are essentially stocking up as this temporary physical experience is fleeting and fear and pain are a commodity where you come from. If you can liberate your physical self from these constricting emotions and live more in the place of your higher dimensional self, you will experience mastery of the physical world that is uncommon in life as you know know it.

You must begin to comprehend that your physical self is the smallest piece of who you truly are. The more you begin to feel into the larger self and consistently align into your higher space: mastery, peace and ease will become more common in the 3rd dimensional physical world.

Nicole discovered her path of expansion through yoga in 2011 and has been writing, practicing, and sharing ever since. She teaches hatha and kundalini yoga and is also attuned to Reiki healing where her biggest joy is to give her students an experience of their own Divine Being. Nicole has been called to write and build a bridge between who we believe we are and who we truly are at our most essential core. Nicole’s biggest intention is to live from the heart first and allow all things to flow and manifest from that strong, central vibration. She is currently living in Santa Fe with her Indio kitty cat and loves hiking through the mountains to find herself enveloped in nature.

If you’d like to hear more about Nicole including reading her blog and receiving services, visit www.nicolepippin.com